What makes a good website?

Good question. You might want to ask yourself that question. What do you look for in a website? That’s the question we have always asked ourselves over the almost quarter century that we have been designing sites. We come from the TV era, so in the beginning we wanted the web to be like TV, or at least emulate it. Well, YouTube capitalized on that one didn’t they? We have since learned that websites are a strange animal of their own that have the power to combine all the fun and amazing media that we have developed over the years. In fact in think the term website is itself antiquated.  These are stories, moments in time, beautiful music, literature, photography, games, trivia, tv shows and news items rolled all into one ball.

What do you know you might ask. Well, not as much as we want to know since theoretically this beast is infinite although we know a lot after building hundreds of them.  Let’s have a little fun here… if you have a minute give me your best answers to the following internet quiz.


While your high school teachers and college professors may have taught you to doubt Wikipedia’s reliability, its rise to prominence since launching in 2001 is

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